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January 2020

Thursday 23rd January

In Science this week Barn owls have been experimenting with light and reflections. We investigated whether the angle of the mirrors changes how many reflection we can see. I think some of us were surprised at what we found!

Wednesday 15th - Museum of East Anglian Life

Owls went on a trip to MEAL to find out more about the life of Victorians in our local area. On our walk there we tried to spot Victorian houses, looking for features such as slate roofs, date stones, sash and bay windows and terraces. 

Thursday 9th - Light and Shadows

In Science we have started to learn about light and why it is important. We carried out an experiment to see what we would see without any light and worked out what 'darkness' is. 

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Wednesday 8th January - Victorian Day

As our Humanities topic this half term is the Victorians, we decided to have a Victorian school day - we dressed up, sat in rows, separated the boys and girls (as much as possible!) and had some Victorian-inspired lessons. We learnt the 'Good, better, best' chant and made some woven baskets in the afternoon. 

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Monday 6th January - Pantomime Trip to see Peter Pan

A very warm welcome back to school. We kicked off our first day back with a fabulous trip to the pantomime to see Peter Pan! We couldn't take any photos, but all the children thoroughly enjoyed the play, clapping, chanting and booing the horrible Captain Hook!


R.E - Stewardship

We got back to school in time for some R.E - this half term we are looking at what it means to be a steward and why it is important to Christians. We began the topic by thinking about what it means to own something and who owns what in our world. We did some role play and thought about what we would do if we found a £5 note on the floor. Would we keep it to ourselves or would we hand it in to someone? We came up with some fantastic answers and helped our friend "Sam" to come to a decision about what to do with the money.

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