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Home Learning Week Beginning Monday 11th May 2020

Year 3 Maths


If you would like to do some additional Maths please work through Lesson 4 on the National Oak Academy found on this link. The lesson moves onto learning about fractions of amounts. 


You could also complete this activity which is Stained Glass Window Fractions. 


This week’s spellings to practice and learn is time vocabulary. Remember a clear capital letter for February as it’s a month.

1. calendar 2. February 3. often 4. occasion 5. minute


Fast Writing 

Continue with the text George's Marvellous Medicine. In school remember we practice the same text for two week to learn the spellings and practice our handwriting. 

Home Learning Project


The project continues to be The Natural Local Environment. 

If you have been learning about the plants and trees, maybe you could collect some plants and leaves and press them. Write what plant or tree they come from. You could even make a pressed leaf piece of artwork or you could even make leaf people pictures for fun. 

Weekly plan of activities and learning set