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Friday 5th June

English: Homophone Match Up. Please find attached several pages of homophones. Each page is a set to match up. You only need to complete one or two pages (you can choose which ones you do). Match up the homophones either by cutting them out and sticking them in your book, draw lines to the correct ones or write them out in your English book.


Year 3 Maths: Using your 3, 4 and 8 multiplication facts solve the multiplication and division word problems. Write the answers in your blue Maths books. Remember to write out what calculation you did. E.g. How many wheels would 5 quadbikes have? 5 X 4 = 20.


Year 4 Maths: Do your own shopping! Go to an online shop, i.e. Tesco, Sainsbury, Waitrose, M&S. Find out how much your favourite things cost. How many different items can you buy with £10? Write down your shopping list in your books. Alternatively, use an old receipt and work out how many of your things you can buy for £10.