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Friday 26th June 2020

English Year 3 and 4: Look at the picture attached. Write a paragraph using prepositions. Try to use at least 1 time preposition, 1 place preposition and 1 cause preposition. To challenge yourself can you include even more? You might want to find your own image/ picture as well and write another paragraph.




Year 3: Alien Antics! Have a look through the Alien Antics PowerPoint. First you need to compare the size of the mini aliens and put them into size order. Then you need to work out which pair standing on top of each other will make the tallest height (using addition). Then finding the difference between them (using subtraction). I have attached sheets which you might like to use, if not please complete in your books or on paper.


Year 4: Choose 4 square/rectangular items in your house and measure them to the nearest cm. Draw them into your books (not to scale though!), and work out the perimeter of those items. Remember to use a ruler.