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Friday 19th June


This week I would like you to practice these spellings. Remember the handwriting letters we have been practicing!







How will you choose to practice your spellings today?



English: Suffixes

A suffix is a group of letters that is added to the end of a word. None of the words this week need to change for the suffix to be added. Just add the extra letters at the end of each word.

Today we are adding the –er and –est suffixes again. Please look at the pictures and compare them. Then add the correct suffix to the root word to label each picture.

Challenge: Choose a set of words that you have just made and write some sentences with them. I have attached my example.



Maths – Sharing to find the number of groups

When we share a group of objects between people we have to share equally, so everyone gets the same number of them. We can also use this to help us to find the number of groups to share between. If we know how many each person gets, we keep grouping the objects into that number until none are left. Then we count the number of groups we have made.

Today Sam keeps being given apples. He wants to share them with other people so they all get the same amount. He knows how many apples he wants each person to get, but needs your help to work out how many people he can give some apples to. You could use objects to help you to share out the leaves.

In your Maths books, write the question number and how many people Sam can give the groups of apples to.



Please keep reading through Bug Club, and practicing Phonics through Phonics Play or the Phonics flashcards. Please also remember you can practice Maths through TT Rockstars, Numbots or games on the Topmarks website.