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Friday 12th June 2020

English Year 3 and 4: Sticking with the poetry and owl theme please read ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat’ poem. Answer the questions based on the poem, there are 3 levels of difficulty chose 1 to complete. Can you also learn the poem off by heart and recite the poem to someone else? Actions and sound effects will help.



Year 3: Have a go at the Place Value Riddles. 1 star is the easiest, 2-star medium and 3 stars the most challenging. The answers are provided at the end. You only need to have a go at a few of these. Can you create your own place value riddles?


Year 4: Negative numbers! What happens when we count below 0? The number system stays exactly the same, except we say ‘negative 1, negative 2, negative 3’ etc. This is written as ‘-1, -2, -3’ etc. Try the questions on the sheet attached. You can write the answers in your books.