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February 2020

Thursday 13th - Year 4 Trinity Twenty Treasure Hunt

Year 4 turned into pirates looking for treasure today. They were sent on a scavenger hunt around the school looking for lots of letters which spelled a message for them at the end! Once this had been completed, Year 4 were then given the challenge of finding objects around the classroom/library that began with all the letters of the alphabet... there were some very creative examples!

Tuesday 11th - Victorian Toys

This half term Barn Owls have been designing and making their own Victorian toys. They first learned about the different types of toys that Victorian children would have played with and then they made their own. Today the children played with their toys and carried out evaluations, thinking about what went well and what could be improved if they were to do it again. They look fabulous! 

Friday 7th February - Positive learning behaviours

In PSHCE the children have been learning about ways to approach tricky tasks. Mrs Hawes challenged Barn Owls to make a tangram - a picture made from different shapes. It was a difficult challenge, but the children persevered and made their pictures! They discussed how they could think positively about difficult tasks, writing down their ideas. 

Thursday 6th February - Shadow hunting

This week we were investigating what kinds of materials make different kinds of shadows. We learned three important words - opaque, translucent and transparent. Opaque materials made solid shadows, translucent materials made faint shadows, and transparent materials made no shadows at all. Luckily it was a very sunny afternoon which was perfect!