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Displays of Learning

Displays during the Spring Term 2020

Thank you to Mrs Chambers who helped in creating this lovely display of the children's learning. The children created these wonderful Amazon themed pieces during their Amazon Hook afternoon. 

During this unit the children learnt to be respectful to the living things in our school grounds and local area. They went on a bug hunt, being careful to enjoy nature in its natural environment. The children then classified the living things they found including plants. The children also researched and explored why bees are so important to the world and what we could do to protect them. This learning continued in their English lessons, writing information texts on garden creatures.

Science Learning


The children really enjoyed this unit of learning. They explored animal structures and habitats, bridges and towers. The children carried out various investigations to draw their own conclusions on what shapes, structures are the strongest and why. 

Viking Autumn Term 2 Class Display


The children have been learning all about games in French and voted on their best game/ activity. Here are two photographs of the results from both Tawny Owl and Barn Owl Classes