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December 2019

Monday 16th December - Christmas Tree Festival

Today the whole school enjoyed a walk through Stowmarket to go and see the (many!) Christmas trees that had been put up in the church. We had a wonderful time looking at all of the different trees from different schools in the area, and we even found the Trinity Tree as well! 


In the afternoon we then had our Trinity 20 afternoon - Year 4 made some brilliant Christmas-themed board games. 


We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a lovely new year!

Wednesday 11th December - What does it mean to submit and obey?

This term we have been learning about Muslims and their submission to Allah. We have been thinking about how Christians and Muslims are similar and different in their submission to God and Allah. This week we decided to make a freeze frame of submission - can you work out who is the master and who is the person who is submitting? We also talked about the different people/things we submit to and follow and why we might follow them. (It was also Christmas jumper day - everyone looked very festive!)

Monday 9th - Thursday 12th December

This week Year 4 have had fun learning and finding out about the different types of angles all around us. We made our own angle finders to help us figure out whether different objects had angles and we used geoboards to help make different types of shapes with different angles. How many different angles can you spot in these pictures? How many can you find at home?

Healthy Eating Day - Wednesday 4th December

To celebrate the opening of Trinity's new home economics room, we celebrate healthy eating all day. We started the day by making our own soups - broccoli, carrot and corriander, and tomato. We then made our own food alphabet - our challenge was to come up with a type of food for every letter of the alphabet! We got a bit stuck with 'U' and 'Z'...


Then we wrote our own recipes for the soups, using lots of prepositions to give more detail about when, where and why we did those steps.


In the afternoon we carried out a Science experiment to find out how much sugar is actually in our drinks - we were very shocked with some of them! We calculated how much sugar is in the whole drink using the labels, and weighed out the sugar so we could see how much the different amounts of grams were.

Christmas craft afternoon - Tuesday 3rd December

We're only a few days into the final month of the year but we have been extremely busy this week! Barn Owls threw themselves into the Christmas spirit on Tuesday afternoon by making all sorts of Christmas crafts! They used their measuring skills to measure out rice to fill a snowman, they brought out their creative side by decorating some pine cones into reindeers, owls and trees, and they even did a bit of French by designing French Christmas cards. A huge thanks to all of the adults who came along too - everyone had a blast!