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Autumn Term 1

English Sessions! Owl Babies Role Play

Owl Visit Tuesday 12th October 2021

The children were visited by Auckland an owl to aid their Owl Babies writing in English. 

They found out lots about owls and asked many questions. The experience of seeing a really life owl was enjoyed by all. 


In PSHE we had great fun learning and playing new games. We learnt new games which we could play and enjoy with others. We talked about sharing and how playing games fairly with others makes us feel. 


In one of our Science lessons we carried out an experiment where we tested different items on our skin. We recorded how well we could feel it and guessed what it was. We concluded that our finger tips were the most sensitive part of our bodies that we tested. 


Goldfinch Class have been really enjoying learning to programme the Beebots. They have used treasure maps to plan programmes and give instructions before inputting their algorithms into it.